3 Places to Find Cheap Meeting Rooms in New York

Want to hold meetings in New York, but your budget is wanting? Budgetary constraints are a challenge to many small and medium entrepreneurs. Moreover, in a global city like New York, finding a meeting room that is within the small business budgets is a hard tackle. For this reason, entrepreneurs in this category opt to hold their meeting in their business offices or at the coffee shops.

However, such places have a harsh impact on their business image and professionalism, but there is no alternative. You think so? To help you and other upcoming entrepreneurs, here is a list of 3 places you can find cheap meeting rooms in the New York City:


Hudson is a renowned 3-star hotel in the heart of New York City. The hotel has affordable meeting spaces for small and upcoming business. As a client, you have a choice to select from twelve meeting rooms that occupy a space of 20,000 sq. Feet.

Again, holding a video conference in these rooms is not a challenge. The rooms have a stable internet connection. Notably, if you have a disabled person using a wheelchair, you should not be worried as the hotel is designed in a way that such people can easily access the meeting rooms without any challenge. Also, their spaces are good for private meetings and events. 

   New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania

Do you need a space for a meeting consisting of up to 1000 participants? New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania comes with a good offer for you. The hotel caters to your meeting room needs whether you are holding an event of 10 people or 1000. With 16 meeting rooms, the hotel enables small business to access space for their needs at an affordable rate. As such, you do not have to drain the last drop of your sweat to organize an AGM or an employee’s end year party. Importantly, the hotel is located in the heart of Midtown making it easily accessible and secure.

   Grand Hyatt New York

Want to hold a meeting at night or early mornings? If so, Grand Hyatt can be the place. The hotel is located in New York‘s central business district and operates 24 hours a day. Also, your meetings are spiced up with unique dishes and suitable guest rooms. The hotel has an array of 49 meeting rooms to choose from depending on your needs. They are also categorized into open, semi-open and private spaces. So, depending on the kind of meeting you want to hold, you have a great choice of venue.

All in all, finding a cheap meeting space in New York should no longer be an issue. You can choose either of the above venues even with fixed budgets.

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