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As a concept, coworking is a relatively new and unfamiliar for a lot of businesses and business owners, having only truly emerged during the last couple of years. However, thanks to an abundance of freelance workers and the popularity of telecommuting, the number of coworking offices has doubled since 2006.

These type of office is a perfect option for a wide variety of employees and freelancers who would otherwise have to work in isolation. The coworking office spaces allow like-minded workers to communicate, integrate, and collaborate. But, the infancy of this relatively new concept means there has been a lot of errors and trials, especially when it comes to design and the overall workspace solution.

If you are interested in redesigning your office and you like the concept of working in a coworking space, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the best design and workspace solutions that are appropriate for coworking offices.

Floor Layout

One of the reasons why self-employed, freelancers, and other work-from-home professionals choose to use coworking spaces is the ability to work, communicate, and collaborate with people that would not otherwise be possible from their own home. What we are trying to say is that strict cubicle layouts aren’t working well and they tend to suppress the productivity and creativity of the workers. Open plan designs have been proven to hinder productivity and this is a real concern among freelancers. Because of this, smart office planning is required and a combination layout is probably the best solution, it allows workers to move between the space and get their work done quickly and efficiently.


The coworking office design usually differs from a traditional workspace as branding tends to be more neutral. That is one of the reasons why a careful and smart thought should be given to things such as color schemes. According to experts, s blue color is best for stimulating the mind, yellow increases optimism and creativity. The decoration doesn’t start and end with the color schemes. The presence of plants can also boots happiness and increase productivity, while access to natural light has been proven to achieve the same. Also, if workers are working on laptops or computers, the workstations should be positioned in a way that light doesn’t shine directly on the screens.

Office Furniture

It is really important to make sensible decisions when it comes to the furniture in your new coworking space as this not only needs to be suitable for various types of work, but consideration also has to be given. For example, sit-stand desks offer great comfort and flexibility and they offer great health benefits as well. Larger collaborative desks should be appropriate for different tasks and should assist the progress of easy discussions between a number of people. At the meantime, seating should also be comfortable so it can reduce problems such as a backache. The furniture in break areas should allow workers, managers, clients or business associates to relax in comfort.

Having a well-designed coworking space is really important. It will stimulate the productivity and effectiveness among your employees, it will motivate them to complete their obligations and daily responsibilities faster, and will allow them to enjoy their work day.

There are a lot of great workspace solutions providers who can help you organize your workspace or find the perfect coworking office space for your business. Get in touch with the best one and find the best design for your business company!

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